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As liquor storeowners we understand the challenges of managing a store. We have drawn on over 30 years of retail experience to develop this easy to use software. ION FIT Liquor Store POS StationTigerPOS offers liquor and wine retailers features not found in the typical retail pos system.

Ease of use
Liquor stores require fast transaction processing. Because of its user-friendly interface, TigerPOS requires very minimal training. Transaction errors are reduced and cashiers become more efficient in their daily workflow. Use automated discount to speed up transaction processing and remove employee decision-making.

Gift Cards & Loyalty
Offer gift cards and loyalty programs to keep customers coming back. The loyalty program will allow customers to accumulate points with every purchase and use those points for discounts. Develop direct mail or email lists from customer purchase history to create targeted marketing campaigns based on buying habits.

With over 100 reports to view, print or export to a spreadsheet the information you need is at your fingertips. Quickly determine which items are not selling, the value of your inventory or sales and profitability trends.

Exception Based Reporting
Reduce shrinkage with detailed exception reports by employee, with product name and time the employee deleted, voided, returned or discounted a product. Exceptions reports allow managers to drill down to the actual barcode.

Purchasing & Inventory Tracking
The secret to a successful store is buying the correct quantities at the right price. Analyzing product sales history, cost, mark-up and quantity on hand while creating a purchase order in TigerPOS will help you make the best buying decisions efficiently. Use a portable data collector to perform a physical inventory and view discrepancy reports. Audit items sold, received and inventory adjustments from the inventory-tracking screen to identify irregularities.View more about liquor store POS Inventory Control.

Selling and Tracking Pack Sizes
Managing pack sizes and inventory levels can be a nightmare with a generic retail POS system. TigerPOS offers a solution to streamline the process. Each item can be purchased and sold by various pack sizes. Create relationships among singles, 6 packs, 12 packs and cases. We have developed an innovative solution to sell and track Mix a Six Packs.

Liquor Store POS Shelf Labeling

Shelf Label Printing
TigerPOS offers easy to use label printing, no additional module required. We have taken the hassle out of shelf labels, every time you change a price in your POS system a new label is ready to print at your convenience. Your customers will have tendency to buy more if every product is clearly labeled with a price.


  • Easy to POS use interface
  • Integrated Credit card
  • PCI Compliant
  • Gift Cards and Loyalty
  • Track Customer Purchase
  • House Accounts / AR
  • Age Verification
  • Inventory Control
  • Create Purchase Orders
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Shelf Labeling system
  • DVR Integration
  • Detail Liquor Store POS reports
  • Import Data from existing POS
  • Liquor Store Database 14,500 items
  • Inventory Tracking

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