Detailed reports


A POS is useless without intelligent reporting. Thus we have used years of retail experience to create reports which do away with approximation. We give you data driven reports to make the most important business decisions such as purchasing and pricing. Point of sale analytics are key to running a successful and growing liquor store. Making decisions with no rationale or supporting information is just bad business. Instead, TigerPOS helps you make smart decisions based on accurate and real-time data.

With over 100 reports to view, print or export to a spreadsheet the information you need is at your fingertips. Quickly determine which items are not selling, the value of your inventory or sales and profitability trends.

Reduce shrinkage with detailed exception reports by employee, with product name and time the employee deleted, voided, returned or discounted a product. Exceptions reports allow managers to drill down to the actual barcode.

Do you want to create a purchase order based on sales for a given period?

Do you want to know how profitable your liquor department is?

Do want to find out who does the most voids in your store?

Do you want to know which items have not sold since the beginning of the year?

We’ve got you covered with a report specifically designed for each one of those questions.

TigerPOS Manager will email a DSR (Daily Sales Report) to a predefined recipient whenever a new one is generated.