Selling and Tracking Pack Sizes

Managing pack sizes and inventory levels can be a nightmare with a generic retail POS system. TigerPOS offers a solution to streamline the process.

Each item can be purchased and sold by various pack sizes. Create relationships among singles, 6 packs, 12 packs and cases. We have developed an innovative solution to sell and track Mix a Six Packs.Selling variety packs of craft beer is a great way to increase your beer sales. Provide your customer with a six pack holder and allow them to try six different brands of craft beer. When the sale is complete TigerPOS automatically handles managing your inventory. We reduce one from the six pack and add 5 to the single. View reports to determine the quantity on hand and profitability for the six pack and singles.

The typical POS system will force you to use a recipe function built for restaurants.
Ask a sales representative to demonstrate the solution.