Another interesting trend from the 2020 Drizly consumer survey report was the change in purchasing habits by brand.

According to BeverageDynamics, many consumers were moving towards macro brands at the beginning of the pandemic—and across categories.

“‘The top SKUs for us during the last two weeks of March were, respectively, Tito’s, Maker’s Mark, Woodford Reserve and Beam,’ says Jonathan Blue, owner of Kentucky’s Liquor Barn chain of stores.”

Kevin Neitzel of Fridge Wholesale Liquor in Manhattan, KS, noted that “People are buying 1.75-ml. of everything, and box wine. Box wine is by far the biggest seller, followed by Tito’s and domestic 30-packs.”

And even among bottled wine, “Our top-selling items during this time are Kendall Jackson Chardonnay,  Whispering Angel Rose and Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio,” says Gary Fisch, founder and owner of Gary’s Wine & Marketplace.

TigerPOS helps you identify trends like this right in the software. With Sales data and reports, as well as automatic re-ordering directly within the software, you can stay on top of the shifting environment with ease. That’s important, especially as new tendencies crop up.

While macro brands are still going strong, Liz Paquette of Drizly pointed out, “there’s also been a pretty sizeable surge recently in independent brands.” Based on the survey, “Overall, macro is still our top-sellers — in spirits and wine, the macro brands are at the top — but we still over-indexed in craft [beer].” She added, “We get the sense that people want to support local.”

All these developments mean store owners have to adjust. “People were asking me whether I had 1.75-ml. bottles of Kettle One Vodka,” Peco’s Liquor Store’s Edward Mulvihill says. “I didn’t, so I started carrying it. People are buying cases of it at a time.” It’s all about inventory management.

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