Back in July, Drizly—the alcohol e-commerce platform—released its 2020 consumer survey report. While the report highlights a number of interesting and surprising potential trends, the biggest takeaway is the most obvious: consumers expect delivery to their homes.

The coronavirus is driving this trend by keeping consumers at home. Per Drizly, “70% of respondents said they are planning to continue to drink less away from home, and 30% are poised to do so more at home.” We can expect home consumption to be a major factor in the market for at least the next year.

Logically, as people remain wary about spending time in public, they will be ever more likely to use online shopping as the main purchasing channel. According to the survey results, “72% of current Drizly users and 50% of non-Drizly users anticipate at least 50% of their alcohol shopping will take place online” (emphasis added). That indicates that the majority of sales will be done on the web rather than in-store among these respondents.

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The industry publication Beverage Dynamics spoke with Drizly Head of Consumer Insights Liz Paquette to discuss the survey. What did she have to say?

  1. Delivery is big.

 “Obviously there was a major increase in online ordering. We believe that this will remain consistent moving forward, at least through this year. 51% of respondents said that they were shopping for alcohol online.”

  1. Delivery changes order size.

“We definitely saw the initial stocking up, at shocking levels. Since then, the overall order size has remained large, despite the ebbs and flows. We think that’s because consumers are diverting more of their purchasing to online. They’re using Drizly to stock up for the week.”

  1. Delivery is here to stay.

“If nothing else, the last three months made it clear that there is now a diversification of commerce long-term, and that this is not just a blip. Across all consumer categories, people now expect to be able to open up their phone and purchase something and have it delivered to their doorstep.

We’ve been fortunate to be in the position to help lots of retailers keep open their doors and have those online sales. It’s important for businesses to meet their customers where those customers are, and that’s increasingly online.”

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