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Rather than living with the headaches and hassles of trying to adapt a general POS system to our needs, we decided to develop a software designed for our needs as liquor store owners.  TigerPOS offers liquor and wine retailers a superior option to typical retail POS systems.

⇒We Make Selling and Tracking Pack Sizes Easy

Managing pack sizes and inventory levels can be a nightmare with a generic retail POS system.  You end up spending time on a daily basis manually modifying your inventory levels to keep track of sales of singles, 6 packs, and mixed 6 packs.  TigerPOS offers a solution to streamline the process: Relationships!

Our software creates relationships between singles, 6 packs, 12 packs, and cases, so that you only have to enter quantity once upon receipt and the software will automatically keep track of your inventory no matter how it’s ultimately sold to the customer.

⇒Any Discount You Can Imagine, TigerPOS Can Implement 

Not all stores are the same.  Some are big, some are small.  Some are located in an urban setting, some are in the suburbs.  Some are volume based, some are specialty stores.  So, it goes without saying that one size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to discounting items to drive in business.

TigerPOS allows you to implement discounts any way that makes sense for your store.  For instance, if you’re slow on Tuesdays, TigerPOS can automatically schedule a discount on certain products for every Tuesday.  Or, if you want to provide incentive to buy in bulk, TigerPOS can set a discount by size.  For instance, offer 10% off every purchase of 6 bottles of wine, 15% off every 12 bottles, and 20% off every 24 bottles.

Any discount you can imagine – whether by day, size, category, or department – TigerPOS can easily implement.

⇒Save Time on Purchase Orders and Never Run Out of Items

In every store, certain products are in high demand.  The last thing you want is to run out of your top selling items.  TigerPOS solves this problem by allowing you to set inventory threshold levels for individual items.  When that threshold is met, you can generate a suggested purchase order for that item with a click of a button.  For instance, if you want to ensure that you never run out of Product X, set the threshold at 12 bottles, for instance.  Once you are down to 12 bottles, the system will create a suggested purchase order for that item.

TigerPOS also allows you to save time on the tedious task of creating purchase orders.   With our software, you can give limited access to your vendors so that they have to do the leg work of creating a proposed purchase order for you to review and approve.

⇒Nobody Likes Math – Verify Age With A Swipe

The liquor industry is highly regulated and liability for selling to underage customers is significant.  Why take an unnecessary risk?  TigerPOS allows you to set up your system to require your cashiers to swipe a driver’s license for each purchase.  The system, not your cashier, will verify whether the customer is of legal age to purchase.

Remove discretion and judgment from the process, and ensure compliance with age laws.

⇒Convenient Shelf Label Printing

We know that prices change frequently, and you need an easy way to print a new label.  With TigerPOS, labeling is built into our software and ready to print each time a price is changed.  Unlike with many other POS companies, we won’t charge you to buy a separate module to print shelf labels.  We also offer the ability to print multiple different sizes of labels.

Useful link for shelf labeling:

Channel rail products from Russell and Miller

Key Features:

  • Track Pack Sizes and Mix and Match Capabilities
  • Age Verification
  • Easy-to-Implement Discount Programs
  • Schedule Sales Prices in Advance
  • Set Customer-Based Pricing
  • Create Suggested Purchase Orders
  • Allow Vendors to Create Purchase Orders
  • Shelf Labeling System
  • Database with +14,000 SKUs
  • Import Data From Your Existing POS System