TigerPOS offers a state-of-the-art security system to guard against theft.  

Irregularities and Exceptions Reporting

Employee theft is, and always will be, a challenge faced by business owners.  Theft schemes are constantly evolving, and it’s almost guaranteed that somebody is out there working on the next scheme.  The only effective way to detect, and protect against, employee theft is to arm yourself with transaction data.

TigerPOS offers streamlined irregularities and exceptions reporting by employee with detailed information relating to anytime an employee deletes, voids, returns, or discounts a product, or opens the register.  No matter the technique used to try to steal your product or money, TigerPOS allows you to pinpoint where the problem lies.

Video Monitoring With Transaction Text Overlay

You can’t always be at your store.  With TigerPOS, you can remotely monitor your store from anywhere with video surveillance.  Our DVR integration with text overlay is a great deterrent to “sweethearting,” or giving away merchandise without charge by fake scanning or ringing up by the cashier.  You can view live or recorded video of any transaction with contemporaneous text overlay showing you what is being scanned.