Inventory control is important to any profitable liquor store. TigerPOS gives you the tools to efficiently manage your inventory.

First Step

Start with the correct beginning balance for each item. Use the CipherLab data collector to efficiently count and update your quantity on hand balance. TigerPOS will provide a report to view discrepancies and valuations.

Second Step

The second step is receiving your inventory. The old adage garbage in garbage out holds true. Our receiving is very intuitive, select items to receive by bar-code, vendor product number or search for the description. While receiving update the selling price as the cost changes, monitor your margins and print your new shelf label. Any inventory control system will require these steps, but what sets TigerPOS apart is the ability to review valuable information on sales and cost trends all from one screen.

Having the right product on the shelf at the right price is critical for a successful liquor store.

Third Step

Auditing items when you find errors is essential. Quickly view the history of an item. When was the item purchased, sold and any adjustments made along with the employee name.

CipherLab Data Collector

Inventory Tracking