In-Store Advertising

TigerPOS offers a customer-facing color display, which you can use to convey marketing messages directly to your customers at the register.  We allow you to capitalize on well-known customer buying habits, including impulse purchases, by featuring items at the register.  You save marketing dollars by incorporating in-store advertising as part of your overall POS solution.

Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs 

With TigerPOS, you can easily implement gift card and loyalty programs.  Gift cards have become more and more popular, especially over the holiday season.  Gift cards provide an easy way to increase sales and potential expand your customer base with very little effort on your part.  TigerPOS allows you to easily create and track gift cards.

A loyalty program is a great way to keep your existing customers coming back.  A loyalty program allows customers to accumulate points with every purchase and use those points for discounts on products.  Like with gift cards, TigerPOS allows you to easily implement a loyalty program.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Target marketing is a great way to increase sales.  TigerPOS allows you to develop direct mail and e-mail lists based on customer purchasing history in order to create targeted marketing campaigns based on buying habits.

Useful Link for Gift Cards:

Plastic Card Plus for Gift Cards